Key Ring Reward Cards

Key Ring Reward Cards 9.24

Database for all of your loyalty cards


  • Shows special offers
  • Tons of stores
  • View store ads within the app
  • Ability to join programs
  • Syncs cards between devices


  • Uninspired interface
  • Doesn't show rewards for cards

Very good

Key Ring Reward Cards is a shopping app for the iPhone that serves as a database of all your loyalty cards.

Having a ton of plastic loyalty cards in your wallet can be a pain. They take up useless space and are easily lost. Key Ring Reward Cards remedies this by creating a database of all your loyalty cards in one app. When you want to use one, simply launch the app, tap on the card you want, and a barcode will show up that can be scanned.

Key Ring Reward Cards includes more than just a database for cards. You can look up current deals,store ads, and coupons from within the app. If you have someone you want to share your cards with, Key Ring Reward Cards makes it easy to share with any other app installed on your phone.

If you have a store that you don't have a loyalty card for yet, you can join from within Key Ring Reward Cards. Signing up is easy and you can choose what offers are sent to you. If you create a Key Ring Reward Cards account, you will have all of your cards synced between devices, whether they're Android or iOS.

Key Ring Reward Cards is a great application to look for deals and keep track of all your loyalty cards.

Key Ring Reward Cards


Key Ring Reward Cards 9.24

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